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3 #MomBoss Hacks To Find More Free Time

Being a #MomBoss isn’t easy, and between all the feedings, diaper changes and attempts to maintain a decent level of hygiene, it’s safe to say you have a lot on your plate. Add in the stress of being an entrepreneur and you’re completely overwhelmed – we can totally relate. Running a full-time business with an 11-month old babies (at the time) had our friends asking “How do you have time for all of that?” And to be honest, I’m not always sure how we do it either. But, I do know that it is possible to find that extra free time in your day, all while maintaining your official #MomBoss status. Here are some quick hacks:

Make your to-do list shorter

I am the queen of to-do lists, it drives my family crazy. There is something about writing tasks on paper, completing them and then crossing them off that makes me feel….accomplished. Problem is, I make such a huge list that I never get it all done in a day. This leaves me feeling like crap because I didn’t finish it and I feel like I have no free time until I do. Not cool. Remember, when you become a mom, your time gets cut in half and so should your daily to-do list. Post-delivery, your list should be nothing but feeding your newborn and sleeping, that’s it. As your baby grows, slowly add in more of your regular tasks until you learn what you can handle – I’d say keep it under 5. It may not seem like a lot at first, but if you do the math that’s 5 things a day and 35 things a week. You got this supermom!

Take advantage of nap time

Most newborn babies sleep on and off all day, and you should sleep with them when you can. But if your baby is older, he or she may be down to just two naps a day – or even one. That nap is your precious time to get things done that are hard for you to do with the baby awake. For me, it is completing my writing obligations – my son is asleep as I am typing right now. Try to catch up on emails and calls you may have missed. It doesn’t always have to be work related, maybe there is a house project or some cooking you want to get done. And every mom can agree that there are times when you just need a mental break to talk to another adult because talking baby talk all day can drive you insane! Catching up with a friend during your baby’s nap may be just enough good energy to refuel your stamina to make it through the rest of the day. Plus, you might get some good tea 😉

Have meals pre-made and ready to serve

This seems like another ‘duh’ moment, but many of us don’t take advantage of our refrigerators, freezers and Tupperware. Try making bottles morning so you can easily grab them throughout the day. If your baby is eating solids, pre-make and portion out their meals for the day. This goes for your meals too! The time that you save here will be time you can spend attending to your clients, to catching up on projects, to getting rid of some other chore that can then free you up later. If you’re a breastfeeding mom….well we have a whole another blog coming for you 😉

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